Initiated in 2006 on the high hill of Dien Lam Commune (27km from Nha Trang center), Phap Vien Thanh Son is one of the most majestic Buddhist structures in Khanh Hoa. Although young in years, this imposing Buddhist Meditation Institute is very attractive to visitors because of its original structure, an abundant collection of Buddhist statues and picturesque scenery of surrounding countryside landscape.

Abbot, Thich Giac Khoan (the founder of this Mediation Institute), spent his training years overseas in different monasteries in Buddha’s birthplaces, and has taken influence from the architectural styles seen in the structures of Thai, Chinese, Cambodian, Indian and Burmese Buddhism. The tranquil and secluded spacious grounds are covered with local verdant shady trees, many different kinds of regional flowers, a beautiful veranda overlooking rice fields and green bamboo that presents the quintessential hidden charm of a Vietnamese sanctuary.

Like a vivid mosaic of art and culture, your first steps into this Buddhist Meditation Institute will be a sensual discovery of harmonious melodies of meditation music, and the gentle fragrance of natural incense. Moreover, small gravel pathways and many stone steps will lead you to a maze of pleasant gardens where you can enjoy the peaceful wind of the village at the top tower, or see the beauty of Toucan birds and male Peacocks who live amongst a forest of orchids.

In addition, separating itself from the other Buddhist attractions thanks to its favorable location, this oasis of peace and tranquility takes on different personalities at different periods of the day. If you are a ‘Sunnist’ then a visit to Phap Vien Thanh Son before 6am should be considered priority, whereas the ‘Windist’ might prefer a ‘Windy buffet’ with well lit lotus lanterns and the lovely scent of different aromas of natural flora at night.

For those who would like to visit this Meditation Institute, just follow these direction HERE

Phap Vien Thanh Son 2 Phap Vien Thanh Son 1


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