The largest remaining Cham Tower in Central Vietnam, Po Nagar Tower (also known as Thap Ba) is a unique structure located on the top of a small hill where the Cai River meets the estuary of the East Sea (1.5km from the city-center).

Visiting Po Nagar, tourists have a chance to discover the history and the incredible architecture of the Cham People, while also enjoy the captivating Cham traditional dances and many different interesting activities that take place  during the annual Po Nagar Festival.

The festival is held from Mar 21st to 23th of Lunar Calendar (approximately the end of April and beginning of May) to honor the Goddess Thien Y Ana, The Holy Mother of the Cham Community.

According to Cham legend, The Goddess Thien Y Ana created the country, taught local people how to grow cotton, weave fabric, cultivate wet rice and to breed pigs and poultry. Moreover, the Cham community also believes that the Goddess Thien Y Ana protects the region’s inhabitants from natural disasters.

This year, the festival takes place until May 2nd, and  includes an impressive array of spiritual rituals and cultural activities such as having the Po Nagar statue bathed and dressed in royal clothing, welcoming the deities to the festival to enjoy the tributes of the pilgrims, dancing, singing, performing prayers and releasing thousands of candle flowers into the river.

If you have an interest in the religious and spiritual culture of Khanh Hoa, pay a visit to Po Nagar during the festival and see it for yourself!

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