Nha Trang  Spring Flower Festival 2017

Ice Pan Nha Trang

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Apricot Blossom and Peach Blossom are maybe the most typical flower used during Tet Holiday, but it does not mean that other flowers should be overlooked during this special time of the year.  This is a great time for nature lovers, as many different festivals are held throughout the country before and during Lunar New Year to celebrate the beauty of flowers. Nha Trang will come alive with abundant colors during the upcoming Spring Flower Festival (Hội Hoa Xuân) that takes place from 20th January to 1st February 2017.

Spring Flower Festival Nha Trang

This year, Hội Hoa Xuân will be organized at two parks (Yen Phi Park and Children’s Park) with 10 flower arrangements that represent topics related to Tet Holiday. Particularly, some streets will be decorated at the entrances leading to the main areas of the Festival such as Pasteur Street and Phan Chu Trinh Street. Hội Hoa Xuân, besides showcasing the region’s beautiful flowers, provides opportunities for local artists to display their unique handicrafts, ornaments and artwork related to flowers. Drop in with friends or family and see the flora of the region for yourself!

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