A great way to take a big breath of fresh air outside Nha Trang is to go to Ba Ho Waterfall, which literally means three-pool stream. It is a green, fresh and watery paradise located inside a peaceful forest.

_MG_4685Not far away from Nha Trang, going to the waterfall is the perfect day trip for solo travellers, friends, or even families. It is only 25km north of Nha Trang. Reaching this paradise is quite easy. 21km on the main road going north, you will have to turn left where the road becomes a sandy and bumpy pathway. After a short journey inland, you will cross a small village. If you get hungry along the way, you may consider stopping for grilled corn and watching some animals that are being taken care of by the local farmers in the area.You will finally reach the entrance to the waterfall after driving a kilometre more from the rest stop. Parking is available for visitors and the entrance to the waterfall costs 15.000VND per adult.

To access the waterfalls,  follow the red arrows that will lead you to the first, second, and third waterfall. The higher  up the path you go, the harder it gets to traverse. If you don’t feel very secure climbing on rocks, it is highly recommended that you stop at the first one. For the more adventurous people, the whole tour is a nice way to discover the area.

The first stop will allow you to refresh yourself in a nice natural pool under the waterfall. It is also possible to jump from the surrounding rocks, but you should always remember not to overpass your limits just to be safe. The second stop will give you a good view over the first waterfall, and like at the first stop, you might want to lie down and just relax, as you will just be surrounded by greenery and wilderness. Finally, the last stop, which is considered the most difficult to get to because of the complicated pathways, gives visitor the opportunity to just relax and listen to the sounds of nature.
It is highly suggested that you take a half-day to visit Ba Ho. Be reminded to make a short stop at one of the villages along the way for food and drinks. _MG_4751

And once you feel ready for a little exercise, just continue to the waterfall parking space; leave your motorbike or your bicycle; and then start walking up the paths, plunge into the water, or just lie down and relax.

Ba Ho Waterfalls, Ninh Ích, Vietnam

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