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When we speak about the value of arts and culture to society, we always start with its intrinsic value: how they can illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional and creative world. The practice is one of the most participative, dynamic and social forms of human behavior. It has the capacity to generate empathy, create dialogue, foster new ideas and relationships and offers a powerful way of expressing, sharing and shaping values.

The seaside city of Nha Trang is rich in history and culture, and in this issue, we take a closer look at some of the historical influences that have shaped its evolution. The architecture is now a dizzying blend of old and new. Recent development and modernization can often blind us from the ancient roots from which the city has developed, but alongside the 5-star hotels and seemingly endless push towards modernity are relics of the past, buildings that have been present through hundreds of years of social, religious and political upheaval, yet still stand today as active reminders of where the city came.

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In this issue, we want to explore some of the historical and artistic identifiers that make both Vietnam and Nha Trang unique. We take an in-depth look into some classical cultural icons of Vietnam such as the Ao Dai and a number of significant cultural sites. We meet a famous painter whose life’s work has been to capture and preserve the history of Vietnam, a coconut artist who turns simple husks into timeless artworks, and embroiderers who toil for months on end to painstakingly create rich tapestries that preserve a single moment of Vietnamese life.


On a more current note, we also look at the new creative generation who are shaping culture and art and determining its future direction. We delve into the old and the new by learning about the craft of tailoring and the young fashion designers who are supporting the trade with bold ideas, and contrast the traditional brewing process of local beer with the modern craft beer revolution. We look at the importance of coffee in Vietnamese social culture and discover ways in which companies in the food industry are innovating to create great cuisine and new dining concepts.

Pasteur Street Brewing Company

We would like to make special mention of Kane and Marian, the good folks at LIVIN COLLECTIVE (77 Bach Dang Street). livin-collective-nha-trangThey been both visionary and tireless in their pursuit of promoting art and culture in the city. By connecting creative people from all walks of life, and giving them a platform with which to showcase their talents, they have created a cultural hub that connects local Vietnamese, expats and tourists through numerous events, exhibitions, shopping outlets and collective markets. The support of young artists, designers, craftspeople and small producers is imperative to creating new commerce and to encourage creative endeavour, and the city needs more people like them if it is to really develop further. The team at Skylight Nha Trang are also leaders in this regard, and are working hard to give opportunities to young creative people in the city.

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So, during your time here in the city, immerse yourself in the wonderful diversity that makes up Nha Trang. Visit the temples and ancient sites, pick up some handmade souvenirs or locally produced artworks, try some unique local cuisine and have an authentic coffee at a sidewalk cafe. Above all, remember that the art and culture present offers a unique insight into the social fabric and cultural DNA of the region and reflects its distinct social, environmental and historical influences.

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