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“Aerial Yoga is popular worldwide but has only recently found its way to Vietnam. In an effort to consistently offer guests something unique, Evason Ana Mandara has brought this unusual form of exercise to the city, and you can reap the benefits right on the shores of Nha Trang Beach”.

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Evason Ana Mandara has been a Nha Trang staple for over 20 years; the city’s only true beachfront resort. It is committed to promoting health and well-being through indulgent services, from yogic detoxes to aloe body wraps. The most recent addition to its extensive menu of reinvigorating treatments and classes is flying yoga, the first of its kind in Nha Trang.
A first glance at the acrobatics attainable with flying yoga might make it seem like an activity reserved for the most limber and graceful of twenty-somethings, but it is assuredly not the case. Flying Yoga has all the benefits of traditional yoga with none of the severe impact.

An in-house, Indian yogi provides the classes and assures that it is quite easy to master. “The silk hammocks provide the extra support to help you achieve those more intense poses, allowing you to achieve alignment through relaxation rather than heavy effort,” he explained. It opens yogic practices to both young and old, those plagued by knee problems or the springy youth, from complete beginners to experienced practitioners. In short, flying yoga is for everyone.

Studies have found that just three 50 minute classes of flying yoga a week are enough to skyrocket your fitness levels, tone your abdominal muscles, and trim your waistline. It is an all-encompassing workout that wakes up every muscle and puts it to work in an engaging and fun way. Moreover, if it is proven that if you enjoy an exercise program, you are much more likely to keep the routine! Flying Yoga has a lengthy list of benefits to ensure that you leave the class as a new and improved version of yourself.

The historic main draw of yoga has always been the health benefits provided by regular practice, namely mindfulness and increased relaxation – even helping its practitioners to develop tools to combat stress in the real world. It is no secret that getting the blood flowing through your body boosts your mental ability and helps regenerate your mind.
Still not sold on the hard work yoga entails? Picture yourself swaying softly in your silk hammock after all that work, each of your muscles softly pulsing, warm with positive energy.

Flying Yoga is but one of the fantastic offerings, and stress relief is provided in every corner of the Evason Ana Mandara Spa. It focuses on relaxation and rejuvenation through a range of massage therapies, sound therapy, Reiki and skin treatments, to name but a few. Indulge yourself in an oasis of calm of tranquility and allow the expert team of therapists to take care of your every need.

Six Senses Spa shoot

After an invigorating workout or luxurious spa treatment, Ana Beachhouse Restaurant, with its sea views and spacious poolside layout is perfect to grab a relaxing breakfast or lazy lunch. Choose from breakfast combos (7am-10am daily) and three-course lunch specials (11am-2pm on weekends). For evening dining, see its incredible Street Food Buffet that features the best in local dishes, or enjoy a romantic evening’s dining from the ‘a la carte’ menu, created by renowned chef, Derek Watanabe.

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