On August 13th, LIVINcollective will host Nha Trang’s inaugural Craft Beer Festival at its location on 77 Bach Dang Street, bringing together various national craft beer producers and consumers to celebrate our collective love of delicious beer! Similar festivals have taken place over the last few years in big cities such as Saigon and Hanoi, and the good folks at LIVINcollective feel it’s high time we had our own festival here in Nha Trang.

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Vietnam is renowned as a nation of beer guzzlers, consuming nearly 300 million liters per year. From the street-side Bia Hoi to restaurants and home celebrations, beer is very much a national pastime. While the big brands such as Saigon, Tiger, 333 and Larue still dominate the market in terms of sales volume, craft beer has recently hit the scene, and is becoming more and more popular amongst both expats and the Vietnamese middle class who seek to break out from the monotony of drinking the same lagers over and over. As a result, craft beers are slowly creeping into beer menus across the country, and a host of local craft breweries are springing up to cater to this demand.

First on the list is The Pasteur Street Brewing Company which began only a few years ago. Despite its short time in the brewing market, it made big waves when it attended the Spirited Singapore Beer Festival and took back no less than 3 Gold and 1 Silver medal in different categories – firmly putting Vietnam on the map as a famous craft producer.  LIVINcollective currently stocks their award winning Jasmine IPA (6.5%) and Passionfruit Wheat Ale (5%).

Added to this are 2 expats from Saigon, Mark Crawford and Colin O’ Keefe, who created Fuzzy Logic Bewery. Its floral, Pale Ale has become a beer of choice amongst craft beer connoisseurs the country over and they are very excited to present their range to the Nha Trang Community.

To complete the current list of producers (more are on the way), is Te Te Brewery, a fairly small company operated by Spanish brothers (one a trained biochemist). Their mild, Belgian Wheat Beer is perfect for a hot summer afternoon and we look forward to trying it.

“We’ve seen some really successful beer festivals around the country, and the scene is really starting to become popular. Our craft beers are good sellers at our own place so we want to bring together a group of producers and consumers to help push the  market in Vietnam, but especially in Nha Trang”,  said the owners of LivinCollective, Kane and Marian. “There is much more available than the standard beers owned by the big multi-national brands, and the event will help to showcase the products of local producers who are doing their best to diversify the industry”, they added.

So, pencil in the date on Saturday 13th August. The festival will take place from 10am-10pm and is free entry for all. Added the copious amounts of delicious beer will be live music and lots of food from LivinCollective. Partners of the event include Skylight, Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa, Alana Hotel, Insight Studio, DJ Alex Fishler.


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