The Best Breakfasts in Nha Trang (Part 3)

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Lunar Lounge-Nha Trang

Discover Nha Trang’s latest stop for the best morning meal in the city has brought us to Lunar Rooftop Bar & Grill. Perched on the 4th floor of Nha Trang Center, it’s ideal location on Tran Phu street is perfect for both tourists and expats who have things to do after breakfast. 

The first thing that makes this such a good morning spot is the view. Overlooking Nha Trang Bay, the panorama is unrivalled and you can gaze across the East Sea with the islands and islets in the distance, and the atmosphere is quiet and perfectly chilled out as you get the first caffeine hit of the day with a hot or cold coffee (I like the Cappuccino myself). If the surprisingly good coffee doesn’t wake you up, then the panoramic views certainly will.

The staff are very pleasant and immediately come over to seat you and take your order. To the side of the sofas and loungers are a series of lovely swimming pools if you fancy taking a morning dip (although make sure to bring your sunscreen). For a slow starter like myself, coffee is first on the agenda, so i lazily sipped on my cappuccino while browsing the breakfast menu.

Lunar provides a series of breakfast specials, all very reasonably priced considering the location. As we were here for a review, we ordered them all and put them to the taste test. First up was the Classic Breakfast pictured below: Laid out on a large plate with well-cooked bacon, imported sausages, 2 eggs, baked beans, a hash brown and delicious mushrooms, this meal is certainly going to provide you with fuel for a day (only 125,000vnd including coffee).

Classic Breakfast-Lunar Lounge Bar & Grill-Nha Trang


Next up was the waffles with syrup. A healthy serving is offered and I must say, these are the best I’ve tried in Nha Trang. Crisp and golden on the outside with a soft and filling interior, they are topped with bacon,  a large knob of butter, shaves of cheddar cheese and a side of fresh fruit. The best is the wonderful gooey syrup to add on top, and it really finishes off the dish very well, providing a perfect mix of sweet, savory and tangy.

Waffles Breakfast-Lunar Lounge-Nha Trang-Breakfast
Last, but not least, the Breakfast Wrap is perfect for the sandwich lover who likes to mix the classic breakfast ingredients with some bread and starch. Scrambled eggs combine with fresh herbs such as basil along with beans and fresh lettuce and tomato. It looks like a pretty light breakfast but is actually very filling, and will certainly sate your morning hunger pangs. The wrap was not too floury and certainly complements the interior ingredients. As a small aside, this is one of the first wraps I’ve had in town where they actually knew the correct way to wrap the bread. More often than not, the contents begin to spill out after a couple of bites, but in Lunar’s Breakfast Wrap, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it remained intact throughout. It’s the little things that often make up the differences.

Breakfast Wrap-Lunar Bar & Grill-Nha Trang

Our coffees were then followed by some freshly squeezed orange juice, and we sat and took in the views for a good half-hour before begrudgingly pulling ourselves from the sofas to go and do some work. All things considered, Lunar Rooftop Bar & Grill ticks all the boxes – one of the best views in the city, a filling and very delicious breakfast at fantastic prices, personable and professional staff, and a central location. We’ll definitely be back to check out the sunset cocktails in

We’ll definitely be back to check out the sunset cocktails and extensive evening dinner menu.

We suggest you try it for yourself!

Lunar Rooftop Bar & Grill

Address: 4th Floor, Nha Trang Center, 20 Tran Phu Street




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