The City of Sun, Sea, Sand and Surf!

In this, our Summer Edition, we have had the time of our lives experiencing the incredible variety of activities available to visitors in “The Beach Capital of Vietnam. It was during the creation of this issue, that I and our team at Discover Nha Trang, realised just how lucky we are to call this little city our home. We have spent the last 3 months pinching ourselves, being afforded the opportunities to visit world-class resorts on dream-like islands, uncover the lives of local people whose lives revolve around the sea, capturing thousands of photographs of majestic sunrises, sunsets, cityscapes, beaches, islands and scenery around our coastal wonderland. All the while, we fuelled our work by enjoying some of the best food the country has to offer. It really has given us a greater appreciation of the life we live here – and we want to share it with you!

Nha Trang, the “Riviera of the East Sea”, sits on a bay widely considered to be one of the most beautiful on the planet. We are blessed to live in a region home to a splendid coastline of white sandy beaches, an abundance of thriving reefs and marine life, ringed by a necklace of mountain ranges. There are 19 untouched islets that are just a short boat ride away, together with numerous larger islands that house 5-Star resorts, wildlife colonies, fishing villages and entire communities.

Summer is the time for the yearly vacations, where we cast off domestic and work shackles, and travel abroad in search of fun and adventure. There is simply no better place in Vietnam to enjoy such pastimes as Nha Trang. Benefitting from an average of 300 days of sunshine each year, we, as locals, often take our ‘perennial summers’ for granted. However, for visitors coming on holiday, it is certainly the perfect time of the year to get the most out your vacation. Temperatures average in the mid 30’s each day, and the short rainy season has yet to cast its shadow upon us. As a result, the skies are bright blue, the waves gentle, and a balmy breeze sweeps in each afternoon to invigorate the sweltering inhabitants.

A seaside holiday can mean different things to different travelers. Luckily, the city caters to everyone, from the solo traveler to globetrotting couples, and even multi-generational families. For those here for relaxation and respite, the beaches, both in and outside the city are a haven for sun seekers aiming to achieve that glowing, bronze tan, making them the envy of friends back home. The intrepid explorer can grab one of the hundreds of boat trips available to seek out hidden beaches and secret coves offshore, or take a sunset cruise upon the waves. Adventure tourists will be excited to find adrenalin filled pursuits such as sailing, jet-ski tours and scuba diving. While everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves, the fishing boats are out each day and night, filling their hulls with the bounty of the East Sea, awaited by restaurants eager to serve sumptuous feasts to the city’s gourmands.

No matter if you have just a couple of days or a few weeks here in our littoral paradise, do take a moment to breathe the salty air, marvel at the picturesque surroundings and immerse yourself in the myriad diversions that abound in the city of Sun, Sea, Sand and Surf!




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