Bai Dai, which literally means Long Beach is situated 20km south of downtown Nha Trang on the way to Cam Ranh International Airport. It may seem far but it’s definitely worth going there. Five minutes after Mia Resort, you will pass through to two big roundabouts. You will have to turn left on the second roundabout that will lead you to a small pathway to the beach.

_MG_4868There are many parking spots in the area so just choose one and walk towards the sea.

The name Long Beach was very well chosen mainly because it is actually the longest beach in Vietnam, made out of 20km of pure white sand and crystal clear water. The sea is shallow far past the shore, which makes a perfect swimming spot.

You will also have waves from October till April that will allow you to do a bit of surfing. In addition to walking, swimming, and surfing, you can also rent a jet ski or a kayak to explore this endless beach.

A little reminder you may take note of is the current. Cam Ranh is known to have some rip currents, which can be strong and can pull you away from the shore.Panorama 2

One of the best things you could do here aside from all the sightseeing and water activities is to enjoy a great amount of food choices, from the typical local Vietnamese dishes to Mexican cuisines, you will never run out of options. Being in Bai Dai while eating good food and having some refreshing drinks will make you forget that you’re actually sitting by the beach. And this is why many locals and even tourists visit it from faraway lands whenever they are in Nha Trang.

Bãi Dài, Nha Trang, Vietnam

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    […] Bai Dai (Long Beach) The most famous surf spot in Khanh Hoa Province, it is located 23km from the city-center, close to Camh Ranh Airport. It’s classic beach-break sport with 5km of white sandy shore and is perfect for the beginner surfer. Board rental is available here. Strong rip-currents are possible so be careful. […]


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