Set atop a 200-meter hill in Suoi Hiep Commune, west of Nha Trang Centre, Suoi Do Pagoda is considered as one of the most sacred places for the Buddhists in Khanh Hoa Province. A thirty-minute drive from the city, this hidden sanctuary is off the tourist map a little, but the locals are always more than happy to give you the best directions.

It was built more than 50 years ago, after some local people claimed to have seen the Goddess of Mercy (Quan Am) at the stream that runs down the hill, which led  to the construction of this beautiful Buddhist Temple, created in her honor.

Not only a spiritual destination for deep moments of contemplation and meditation, Suoi Do Pagoda also attracts visitors who would fancy a decent workout, as reaching the summit requires you to to climb more than 200 steps up the stone staircase to see the pagoda.

If you have already visited the main temples and pagodas in the city, and are looking for something new, Suoi Do Pagoda is perfect for a morning out into the countryside; replete with the sounds of nature, some natural wildlife and a tranquility you can’t find within the city. It’s ideal for couples, groups or visiting friends and family.




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