When one thinks of iconic Vietnamese images, stunning landscapes, noodle soups and conical hats easily spring to mind. However it is often not until one arrives on these shores that they become aware of another important, intricate and ubiquitous piece of the cultural landscape – Vietnam’s coffee shops and café culture.

Coffee, and indeed the café culture play a critical role in Vietnam’s streetscapes and social culture. In every village, town or city these often beautifully designed establishments adorn almost every street corner. For consumers, there is such a wide variety of choice, and while this has its advantages, it can also muddle the mind when deciding which coffee shop to settle in and enjoy the typically vast array of drinks on offer.

Coconut Coffee at Cong Ca Phe Nha Trang

Nha Trang, like any other cities in Vietnam, is home to many wonderful coffee shops and one of the newest and most unique on offer is Cong Caphe. There are many features that help Cong Caphe stand out from the crowd – from its exceptional service, unique retro old Hanoian design and fine selection of truly delectable coconut based drinks which form part of their signature menu.

Inspired by traditional old Hanoian architecture and design, the café is decorated with quaint ornaments from little oil lamps, to humble wooden chairs and tables displaying peacock blankets or creative funny verses. “I just love the decor here,” says Pham Tuan, who has been a regular since the café’s opening in June.  “It’s a throwback to traditional Vietnamese culture and you can really get lost in the ambience and peaceful feel of the rooms. “I come here to enjoy the delicious drinks and just forget about my hectic life for a while.”

Aside from the lovely interior designs, the staff at Cong Caphe really strive to deliver professional, unassuming service that you certainly can’t find at every coffee shop, which coupled with the highest quality coffee and signature drinks makes for a rewarding few hours to spend whiling away your time.

Decor-Cong Caphe Nha Trang

Marketing Executive Ngo Hong An, visits Cong Caphe almost daily for these very reasons. “I love everything in Cong Caphe, from its amazing design to its huge collection of memorable ornaments, but what I love the most is the beautiful serving attitudes of their staff. Even though they are very young, their enthusiasm and friendliness ensures I keep returning,” An says. “The youthful staff reminds me of my student days; it makes me so happy. But more than that, I am in love with the coffee. It is really strong and tasty. I always order a glass of coffee with condensed milk and its flavor has never let me down.”

Throughout January and February, each table will be provided 20% off all signature coffees, drinks and smoothies. These innovative smoothies include: coconut milk with coffee, mung beans, green rice, cacao and chocolate, and are a lovely break from the norm of standard coffee fare. Be sure to pay Cong Caphe a visit to enjoy the service, exceptional coffee and let your mind experience Hanoi in days gone past. You won’t regret it!

COng Caphe Nha Trang coffee shop

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