The old saying goes, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”, and there is much truth in it. Mr. Nhan, the proprietor of Grill Garden BBQ Buffet Restaurant has seen his concept copied by a number of competitors over the years because of its success, and the enthusiastic response he has received from diners. So, what is all the fuss about?

The basic idea of an all-you-can-eat buffet has long been a favorite, particularly with holidaymakers seeking to experience local cuisine. Moreover, it becomes even more authentic when using the same cooking methods as the locals, and this is the premise of Grill Garden – an outdoor garden setting containing a vast menu of local food that is cooked on a traditional tabletop barbecue. Following the tried and tested mantra of quality, service and value for money, this is a true taste of Nha Trang.

Grill Garden Nha Trang Restaurant

The sprawling garden has seating for up to 250 people, and it lends itself to groups and larger celebrations with a convivial and fun atmosphere prevailing. There are people from all nations enjoying each others company and the excellent food. The location is also very accessible, being in the centre of the tourist district and within walking distance of most popular hotels, making it the perfect place to start an evening. Its sister eatery, Grill Garden 2, is just a 5-minute walk away, and both premises are full each evening, a sure sign of its longstanding reputation.

Garden Terrace Grill Garden Nha Trang

The food is terrific! An impressive buffet table lines the length of the restaurant, laid out with a superb range of ready to be BBQ’d meats, seafood, salads and desserts, plus a selection of pre-cooked hot dishes and soups. One of its unique features is the variety of rarely seen meats including crocodile, snake, frog and ostrich, all beautifully marinated, and this alone is worth the effort to dine here.

Of course, being Vietnamese inspired, and with Nha Trang the seafood capital of the nation, there is a wide selection of fresh shellfish, shrimp, oysters, squid, octopus, tuna and mackerel. Do try the large, juicy oysters, perfect with a dash of lime juice. Locals prefer to cook them over the barbecue coals, but whatever your preference, this is a great opportunity to diversify your tastes and delve into some delectable mollusks and shellfish.

At the entrance, crocodiles can be seen roasting on a spit, which is always a great photo opportunity for visitors. Mr. Nhan was the first to offer crocodile in this manner, an innovation now much copied around town. If you are feeling truly adventurous, try the locally farmed snake that being rotisseried next to the crocodile. Few visitors to the city have tried this unique treat, but it is surprisingly tender and delicious.

Roast Crocodile Grill Garden

Once the diner has made their choice, staff are on hand to assist with cooking at the table on the small clay, charcoal fuelled BBQ’s, the same as those found in nearly every house across the country. Not only do they help with cooking the smorgasbord of food to perfection, but also prepare various sauces at the table and advise what sauce goes with what meat – a very nice touch!

Grill Garden BBQ Buffet Restaurant must rate as one of the best value restaurants in town. A price of VND220,000 (US$10) is remarkably reasonable for any buffet, but given the quality of cuisine, the range and the friendly table service, it becomes a ‘must visit’ establishment.

Nha Trang is a city full of great opportunities for diners, with food options from across the globe supported by readily available local produce, meats and seafood. For those looking for Vietnamese cuisine or a great value buffet, look no further than Grill Garden BBQ. With 2 locations in the city-center, it offers quality dining with exotic rare meats, excellent service and superb value for money. With such a variety of local food on display, it allows you to sample the full range of authentic cusine from the region – all in one evening.


Grill Garden 1 – 21 Biet Thu Street

Grill Garden 2 – 30A Nguyen Thien Thuat

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday – 5pm – 10.30pm


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