Great seafood is never more than a stone’s throw away in Nha Trang. While there are a myriad of establishments offering seafood throughout the city-center and beach strip, why not get off the beaten track a little and combine your food cravings with an interesting journey to a legendary local seafood restaurant in Vinh Luong Fishing Village?

Having served the village for more than twenty years with its great selection of fresh seafood and friendly local atmosphere, Nhung’s Seafood Restaurant is well worth the twenty minute drive from downtown. The views along the coast road alone make the trip memorable!

Located at 07 Thu Bon Street (Vinh Luong Village), about 15 km North of the Tran Phu Bridge, this unpretentious hideaway would not seem like a place that gets throngs of customers from the city. However, as you first step into this thriving family business, you will most likely see it packed full of seafood fanciers made up mostly of locals, Nha Trang citizens and tourists visiting from Saigon and Hanoi. Word of mouth and continued patronage by locals and visitors alike are sure signs of a quality eatery!

With a constant source of fresh supply from the local fishermen and sea farms, Nhung’s offer an abundant range of fresh seafood at prices that won’t make a dent in your wallet. From only VND5,000, you can enjoy a full plate of “Fried Horn-Snail in coconut milk”. More familiar menu items are available such as clam, oyster and mussel, along with many other exotic offerings you most likely will never have encountered on a restaurant menu.

With so many interestingly named delights including Moon Snail (Oc Mat Trang), Horse Snail (Oc Ngua), Silk Cockle (So Lua), or even Breast Snail (Oc Vu Nang), eating at Nhung’s is a step into the weird and wonderful delicacies to found in the waters of the East Sea. It is also renowned for its diverse range of homemade sauces created from combinations of lemon, pepper, ginger, and especially, ripe tamarind. However, super fresh seafood, very cheap prices and delicious sauces are not the only reasons people flock here; the enthusiasm and warm welcome of the owners ensures diners return time and time again.

Open from midday until midnight, and serving up to one thousand customers each day, Ms Nhung (the owner) and her family always keep their friendly smiles despite the pressure of dealing with so many guests. Additionally, they are only too happy to offer advice on the menu items, introducing to you the names of specific dishes while providing a wealth of information about the shellfish on display. A thousand words cannot do justice to their enthusiasm!

Appearances can be deceiving, but the real value here comes from freshly harvested, quality seafood served with unrivalled passion. This is the message that Ms. Nhung and her family have been conveying over the years at this unassuming but delightful seafood restaurant.

 Address: 07 Thu Bon, Van Dang 1 Commune, Vinh Luong Village

Contact info: Ms. Trang – 01698 404 325









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