Sailing Club Nha Trang

From very humble beginnings as a tiny beach shack some 22 years ago, Sailing Club Nha Trang has grown and evolved into one of Vietnam’s, and indeed Southeast Asia’s most famous beachside entertainment establishments. This is thanks to one person, Peter Vidotto who saw the need for a good party venue and recognised the potential of the city.

Nha Trang, 22 years ago was nothing like the thriving beach holiday destination we see today. There were few hotels, little development and almost no tourist infrastructure, and it was visited mostly by intrepid backpackers getting away from the main tourist route. A young Australian, Peter Vidotto was one of these early visitors but he looked at things through different ‘eyes’. What he saw was a need and potential, and decided to create something in the city. Securing some land on the beach, he built a small shack which became an instant success with divers and passing backpackers. After several changes, expansions and evolution, Sailing Club is still on the same land, but the sophisticated premises we see today is a far cry from those early days!


It has developed an enviable international reputation on the back of some simple but smart principles. Venue manager, Mr Christoph Machow explained: “Sailing Club has always tried to give its customers more than they expect and have them leave happy. This way they tell their friends and the good word soon spreads.” The basic 3 tenets of its philosophy of the venue is ‘Relax ,Dine and Party’. Relax is all about the beach right on the doorstep. There are sun beds and umbrellas and this is the perfect place for a book, a beer and a bite to eat. Then, as the sun drops, Sandals Restaurant comes to the fore with a varied and extensive menu across a number of cuisine styles, making it one of the city’s top restaurants. Overseen by chef and GM, PJ Bosman, it takes great pride in its presentation and high-class offerings.

Once the diners have had their fill, it transforms into a jumping night club. “It is all about the music” says Mr Machow. “We have 3 DJ’s, Arra Pascual, Jemil Aspiras and Steve Richards who have international reputations, having played in some of the best clubs in Asia and Europe. We keep up with current trends and provide the best music we possibly can.” On weekends, Sailing Club hosts its famous Beach Party; with up to 1,500 people enjoying international guest DJ’s and live bands. On special occasions such as Christmas, New Year and Tet there can be up to 4,000 revellers enjoying one of Vietnam’s best nights out!

Behind the scenes, there is an ongoing and extensive training program in place, honing the skills of the staff to ensure great cocktails, excellent service and first class cuisine. This is a very important part of Sailing Club’s overall operation as their reputation largely rides on the staff and their interaction with guests.


Sailing Club is open at 7am for breakfast and does not shut its doors until 2am, thus providing a beachside setting for whatever you are in the mood for. It also has its very own dive center, the well respected Sailing Club Divers,for those intent on some underwater exploration of the reefs surrounding the nearby islands. With its reputation in place, and given the relatively recent recognition of Nha Trang as a tourist destination, Sailing Club can be expected to be a part of the local entertainment and dining scene for at least another 22 years!

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