A calm oasis nestled in a busy street outside the bustle of the tourist area, Sen Thien Quan is an exceptional vegetarian restaurant full of surprises and fresh experiences. The serene, meditative space is laid out in a quintessential Vietnamese design that merges with the natural surroundings and is complemented by a selection of superb dishes made entirely from home-grown ingredients.

Located in Thai Thong Village (Vinh Thai Commune), it is not particularly easy to find, but if you have a modicum of determination, you will be rewarded with some fine vegetarian dishes that can placate even the most of delicate of stomachs. Reaching it from the city-center should take no more than ten minutes by taxi. After passing Dua Bridge, turn left when you reach the first traffic lights, and follow the winding suburban road that offers a typical picture of daily Vietnamese life. Halfway along this road you will find Sen Thien Quan Restaurant, with its pleasant staff greeting you at the entrance.

Opening in early 2014, Sen Thien Quan has gone from strength to strength, and has become the ideal destination for those who would like to diversify their taste buds with some sublime vegetarian food. Commencing with a limited menu of just thirty dishes, Ms Loan (the owner), has added an impressive range of new specialties that make use of local ingredients like bean sprout, lotus root, morning glory, and  notably, seaweed and mushrooms.

When visiting Sen Thien Quan, absolute ‘must try’ dishes include their mushroom delicacies such as fried mushroom dipped in tamarind sauce, stewed mushroom with green peppers or steamed mushroom with citronella. Loan has used all of the culinary tools in her armoury to elevate these dishes beyond your standard vegetarian fare – a true delight to the senses!

Open from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm daily, Loan and her team are often up at sunrise to begin preparation. One of the essential tasks is to boil herbal water to make a special drink called “nước mát” (cool water). At first glance, it seems like a normal cup of tea, but your visit to Sen Thien Quan would be incomplete without enjoying this refreshingly fragrant beverage that will leave you asking for more.

Loan took over the restaurant from her friend, and while wishing to continue the original concept of offering a serene space in which to eat and meditate, she is determined to expand the menu to demonstrate the gastronomic and health benefits that come from eating fresh and flavorsome vegetarian food.

“I am not sure how long I can continue operating this restaurant, but one thing that is always at the forefront of my thoughts is to create the best vegetarian dishes possible to feed the bodies and souls of everyone who comes here”, she explains.

It is hard to decide what’s more appealing; the humble ancient design, the peaceful atmosphere or the delicate and colorful vegetarian cuisine. In truth, it is a combination of all these plus an attention to detail at every stage that has seen Sen Thien Quan rise to a level that offers the finest vegetarian cuisine available in Nha Trang.

Contact info:

Add: Thai Thong Hamlet, Vinh Hai Commune, Nha Trang

PH:  Ms. Loan – 0918 198 050

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