Discover Nha Trang continues in its search for the best morning feed in the city. This time, we’ve stopped in at Alana Nha Trang Beach Hotel for the Breakfast Buffet. Perched on the 4th floor, just 30 seconds walk from the beach, it’s an ideal spot to fuel up before you hit the sun loungers for a day of tanning. Open to hotel guests as well as the public, the dining room is very spacious and relaxed with a good mix of different nationalities present for the morning buffet which runs from 6am-10am.

Alana Hotel Nha Trang-Dining Room-Breakfast

There are a wealth of options to choose from depending on the style of breakfast that you enjoy. The chef cooks up eggs any way you like them, and there is a huge choice of breads to accompany them including brown, baguettes, black bread and regular toast.

Numerous hot plates store a large variety of hot dishes such as potatoes(hash browns, fried, roasted potatoes with cheese), meat dishes, fried rice and noodles and a full salad bar with a large range of sauces and dressings. For a local taste, there is a decent range of Vietnamese dishes such as Bo Kho (Beef stew) and Mi Xao Hai San (Fried Seafood Noodles) amongst others. Added to this is crispy bacon and German sausages for the traditional fried-breakfast lover.

 Hot Foods-Alana Hotel-Breakfast Buffet-Nha Trang
The cold meat supply is plentiful, and both the salami and cold ham are excellent – accompanied by a selection of imported cheeses that are perfect with a baguette and some side salad. Tea and coffee are in unlimited supply and there is a choice of fresh juices, milk and yoghurts at the side drinks bar. The kids can enjoy cereals and muesli with plenty of fresh fruit to fill their bellies for the day ahead. 

Our favorite feature of this particular buffet is the fantastic pastry selection of pain au chocolat, croissants and cakes. It can be very hard to find good French-style pastries in Nha Trang, and Alana Hotel has certainly delivered in this respect. They were soft and very fresh, with just the right amount of butter – I do admit to eating far more than was warranted.

Pastry Selection-Alana Hotel-Buffet-Nha Trang


Overall, we were very happy with the Alana Beach Hotel Nha Trang morning buffet. Priced at 250,000 vnd per person for all you can eat, it represents very fair value for what is a buffet breakfast feast. For more information, visit the website HERE or visit on Facebook

Alana Nha Trang Beach Hotel

Add: 7 Tran Quang Khai

Ph: 058 3528 686

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