“Take a Trip With Alice and Friends at The Rabbit Hole”

“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,”
said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

Before Ibiza was the party spot, there was Miami. Before Miami, you had New Orleans. With each new generation, the party capitals of the world keep moving. What is it the past has lacked that keeps everyone searching for what’s next? It is simple. – Adventure.

Cocktails the Rabbit Hole Nha Trang

The Rabbit Hole is located underground at Story Beach, the largest beach complex on Tran Phu. It is just one of many modern attractions coming on board in the city and is a shining example of how to take nightlife to the next level. Providing an experience to wow visitors to the city, this is certainly a place where you should dress to impress.

The Rabbit Hole Nha Trang - Discover Nha Trang

As the club’s Art Director, Pavel Smirnoff, puts it, “When people come to a club they are looking for a different world, so it should be a little bit crazy and surprising with a positive atmosphere. This is a place where you can leave your regular life at the door, and enjoy the atmosphere through great music and fantasy”.

Visitors are greeted by an underground garden tunnel. Keep walking, because the real adventure awaits inside. True to the spirit of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, the décor gives off a serious surrealist vibe, transporting you to a world only found in children’s’ stories.  Idiosyncratic lighting designs, transparent floors, copper accents, and fluorescent colours come together to envelop partygoers in a dream-like environment.

The Rabbit Hole Nha Trang

You can have more than just a taste here, and can even enjoy a steak dinner cooked to your liking on the barbecue and delivered to your table. Behind the bar there over 50 different whiskies and a myriad of unique cocktails, all handcrafted and served by professional mixologists.

With influences from across the globe, The Rabbit Hole is a testament to Pavel’s twenty years of expertise in the industry. He brings his portfolio to life with a fresh perspective in his artistic taste, and has provided the club with the country’s most advanced sound system. This brings on a whole new experience as the music travels down your spine and radiates through the floor.

The club’s diverse range of music styles, including techno, house, drum n’ base, and trance, fill the air with thrilling energy and enthusiasm, creating the perfect environment for dancing. The roster is filled with live jazz sessions from local artists and DJs every week. More than just a premium nightclub experience, The Rabbit Hole is dedicated to developing a dedicated Nha Trang music scene. Thus, it has built a recording studio to produce music while plans are underway to create a DJ school where budding artists can come and learn under the tutelage of professionals.

Dj School The Rabbit Hole Nha Trang

Despite its contemporary, fresh style, the Rabbit Hole chooses to take from the past being the only club in the city that still uses vinyl decks, providing an aura of authenticity, giving a nod of respect and love to the party scenes that have come before it. With a mixture of past and future from doorstep to dance floor, visitors are bound to get lost in the present by spending a wild night down The Rabbit Hole.

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