Nha Trang as a wedding destination

Nha Trang boasts 300 sunny days a year, and plenty of sights to see. The city and surrounding area boasts lots of natural locations and beaches for a stunning backdrop to the most important day of your life. It has long been a hugely popular destination with Vietnamese people, and in recent years, has become a booming market for foreigners looking for a unique and memorable place in which to host the big day!

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Consider the scenario: It is an absolutely stunning day at Doc Let, a relatively untouched beach to the north of town.  Strolling along admiring the tropical beauty, and the waves ebb and flow, you notice some areas that are just begging to be snapped. Then, as if you summoned them, a photographer appears, capturing a soon-to-be-married couple’s precious memories, instructing them to create the timeless poses that will make the wedding album. Entranced by how her dress flows elegantly on the light breeze, you think to yourself. “This could be a great place to tie the knot!”.

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Perhaps a “Barefoot Wedding? A simple ceremony with soft sand squishing through your toes, family members and close friends nearby and smiling. The click of the professional photographer allows you to fully feel the moment as the sun sets in the background. Booked nearby is a restaurant, staff patiently waiting to serve bride, groom and guests. Nationally known for fresh and delicious seafood, Nha Trang’s overall seaside beauty sets a high standard at a low cost.

The beach idea is great, but what about something a little bigger? A venue in a grand hotel is perfect as many of Nha Trang’s myriad hotels have majestic views, overlooking the bay on one side and the green, mountainous landscape on the other. Countless possibilities highlight this town as a wedding venue, and a planned package takes out all of the stress as professionals cater to your every whim.

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“The Ultimate Wedding”. This is where the bride’s dreams come true at an extravagant private beach ceremony in a luxurious 5-star resort. Refined, picturesque accommodation and full personal service will pull at your heartstrings to create those unforgettable memories! Nha Trang is home to some spectacular resorts and truly mesmerizing scenery which can make even the wildest wish a reality. Although a little pricey by local standards, it is a bargain compared to back home, and all services are done with trademark Vietnamese friendliness and care – the choices limited only by your imagination.

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Something to add to the Vietnam experience is a visit to one of the many significant cultural sites. In fact, you can even take your vows at the Po Nagar Cham Temple, surrounded by the peaceful ambiance, thus encapsulating the authentic culture of a wedding in Vietnam. There are numerous other sites of cultural significance that offer great scope to the imaginative couple, or perhaps take advice from a local wedding expert who knows the city and its people.

Local wedding planner, Kristina Borisova is well placed to offer advice on Nha Trang’s burgeoning wedding industry. “The beauty of a wedding here lies in the diversity of options available”, she says. “The city is perfect for all budgets, whether it be a simple photo shoot or exchange of vows on the beach, right up to the all-inclusive ‘dream wedding’. Themed events such as beach, mountain or cultural weddings are also very popular as people look for something unique and different. As a result, we get lots of enquiries from couples who want the whole event organized specifically to their needs, in terms of catering, arrangements, musicians and photography”, she added.

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After the ceremony and party, it is time to consider the honeymoon. To top off a sensational ceremony, how could one possibly extend that “just married” feeling? Thanks to Nha Trang’s magnetic tourist attractions, adventurous souls have a plethora of options. Vinpearl, a luxury island just off the coast, is a must see. Arriving via cable car, it ensures a romantic start to the day. Or perhaps, a private dinner aboard Emperor Cruises, surrounded by opulence befitting the old emperors of Vietnam as you cruise the waters of Nha Trang Bay.

Hon Mun Island, located a little farther off the coast blossoms with fascinating coral structures and exotic fish – perfect for a honeymoon diving trip, and numerous wild islands and islets are scattered all along the coastline, which can be visited by jet ski or speedboat. If you are feeling a little worn out and need some pampering, take a trip to a spa or the famous mud baths, and soak in the rejuvenating mud perhaps followed by a chocolate body wrap and massage.

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Renowned as a culinary jewel in Vietnam, you will have no shortage of options in which to dine out each evening with your new spouse and entourage. If that does not sell it, the entertainment most certainly will. Chic clubs and a range of rooftop bars leave you feeling like king and queen, with options aplenty to party the nights away. It is safe to say that lovely Nha Trang meets all wedding needs and dreams, to give you the happiest day of your life!

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