Fuelled by love of bread, and a desire to start a baking business that was “not boring”, The French Bakery has delivered some impressively tasty bread

Yesterday (17th March 2016), at the courtyard of Livin Collective, Olivier & Ngoc held a tasting event that attracted a lot of curious visitors.  

This husband and wife duo served up five different variations made from wheat, salt, water and natural yeast; topped with healthy seeds such as pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and walnut.  Paired with some fine homemade jam and soft white cheese, the pair thoroughly impressed all those present with an interesting journey of taste and flavor. It is certainly different to anything else available in the town.

The couple are now selling this specialty bread from their newly opened store at 77 Bach Dang Street. The ‘boulangerie’ is open daily and offers a delicious variety of homemade bread using natural ingredients and cooking techniques.

The bread is all created from natural leaven, using traditional techniques that were passed down to Olivier from his family, who are multi-generational breadmakers. The French Bakery aims to give folks in Nha Trang a taste of real French artisanal bread, and to promote healthy eating.

Why not try it for yourself?

Tasting event 3 Tasting event 1 Tasting event 2


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