A meeting with Artist Pham Luc before His Very First Exhibition in Nha Trang.

Lunar Lounge Bar & Grill Nha Trang


Discover Nha Trang Team and some representatives of Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa had a great opportunity to meet artist Pham Luc for the first time before his official exhibition that will take place from 14th to 22nd October 2016, on the first floor of this gorgeous venue.

Artist Pham Luc  was accompanied by his passionate painting collector – Mr. Pham Manh Ha (CEO of Luxury Travel Vietnam, Co-founder of Emperor Cruises Nha Trang & Ha Long), and Mr. Lam (his talented protoge). The “Sea Of Love” collection will be introduced to all art lovers at his upcoming exhibition.

Choosing “Sea Of Love” as the main topic, the varied painting collection conveys the wonder of the sea and the intricate relationship shared by different people with the water and coastline. From a child street-vendor selling desserts on the beach, a wounded soldier coming back to the sea singing a love song with his guitar to two lonely young ladies lying on the pristine beach next to some crabs, there are many different emotions expressed through Pham Luc’s gifted hands.

Pham Luc

Pham Luc was also very happy to have a chance to visit Yersin Museum, and be photographed next to the  statue of Dr. Yersin. One of the featured paintings of the upcoming exhibition is Pham Luc’s portrait painting of Doctor Yersin, a man revered as the adopted uncle of Nha Trang due to his lifelong commitment to working and studying in Vietnam. Dr. Yersin is famous as the scientist who discovered the vaccine for the Bubonic Plague as well as founding the city of Da Lat.

Lasting only two hours, the meeting was closed with an exciting “sketch show” where Pham Luc provided guests with some 2-minute portrait sketches which were incredibly accurate. The exhibition next month promises to be a fantastic cultural event showcasing the recent work of one of Vietnam’s most celebrated painters.

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