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Have you ever heard of Salanganes Island? It’s an island that’s not on any map. In fact, it’s not just an island. Salanganes Island is a term for any island in which a population of Salangane Swiftlets calls home. Neighbouring Nha Trang is two of these islands. The Sanest Tourist Company offers an exclusive chance to visit the home of these amazing birds. Learn about the Salanganes Swiftlet, understand why their existence is so highly valued by the Vietnamese people, and take in the unbelievable ocean views. It’s not a tour one would soon forget.

The Salanganes Swiftlet has a big place in Vietnamese culture. However, it’s not the birds themselves that bring such value – It’s their nests, known as ‘To Yen’. What makes them different is that the birds create them, not from twigs and leaves, but using their own saliva, from which they create a paste that turns into the home for their brood. The nests are highly sought after and are used in in a huge range of food and drink products, beauty supplies, and in products designed to help improve one’s health. It has long been prized for maintaining one’s beauty, youth, and vitality. So significant, in fact, that even emperors of ancient times considered it one of their most important foods. Why eat like a king when you can dine like an emperor?

The Salangane Island tour has more to offer than education about To Yen, and tourists can visit both Sam and Noi Island. After exploring the Salangane Cave and observing first-hand how these majestic birds live and build their coveted nests, the beautiful, warm white sandy beaches await. Sit back, relax, and bask in the warm sun, float around in the tropical waters and sip a cold drink. Nha Trang is just about relaxation as it is about fun and adventure, and here, you get to do both.

If you are of a more adventurous inclination, then strap on your snorkel and dive into the inviting turquoise waters. The island is home to a very unique “twin beach” – one sea facing and the other landlocked. While visually stunning, it also provides different water temperatures to choose from. One side offers cool water, and the other has tropical sea temperatures. The cooler side makes for great snorkeling with coral reef, rock formations, and sea creatures for you to look at while you swim. If you don’t want to get wet, take the 220-step climb to Du Ha Peak and soak up the breathtaking views of the coast of the islands below. There’s something for everybody here.

The tour was created with maximizing the tourist’s experience in mind. Thus, it only operates between the months of March and August, which is the time of year where the bird’s nests are harvested and the weather is perfect for all of the activities available on the islands. Tours are booked upon request from different tour agencies or from your hotel, and sets off based on appointment only, so don’t wait until the last minute!

At the very reasonable cost of 349.000 VND for a full day’s adventure, this unique trip is certainly worth it. Alongside an informative tour of the caves and bird population and access to the stunning beaches, the tour also includes a ride in a glass bottom boat which offers clear views of the sea below, breakfast and lunch of five different dishes, beverages, and travel insurance.

Add:  Sanest Tourist at 89 Thong Nhat St, Nha Trang.

Ph: 028.3818.191 or 028.3818.189

Booking information: Ask at your hotel or travel agent, or contact directly.

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