This weekend marks a welcome 4 day Public Holiday for Vietnamese nationals, with the celebration of both Reunification Day and International Labour Day.

Known as ‘Ngày Thống nhất‘ in Vietnamese, Reunification Day is also known as ‘Victory Day’ or ‘Liberation Day’, and marks the fall of the Saigon Government on April 20th 1975.  The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese captured Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), which brought the Vietnam War to an end, and began the process of unification between the northern Democratic Public of Vietnam and the southern Republic of Vietnam. The official unification was finally completed ont he 2nd of July 1976, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was born.

Even without its patriotic significance, this is a popular holiday as it is the day before Labour Day meaning it is the start of a welcome holiday. Luckily, as it falls on the weekend this year, Monday will also be a public holiday.

International Labour Day

The origins of International Labour Day (Ngày Quốc tế Lao động ) date back to Chicago in 1886. Factory workers, who were tired of increasing working hours for no extra pay, began to protest en masse, which resulted in widespread protests and violence. Eventually, due to the scale of the protests, the government caved to the workers’ union demands, but at the cost of hundreds of lives. As an act of solidarity from unions across the world, International Labour Day was created to remember those who had lost their lives, and to keep pushing for better rights and conditions for workers. It is now celebrated in 80 countries across the globe.

Because of this extended break, many people take the time to return to their families. Banks and government offices will close, but most shops remain open. Tourist sites may be busier than usual, and Nha Trang will see a large increase in domestic tourists who come to visit family, or who want to get out of the big cities for the weekend.

The day itself is marked by parades in Ho Chi Minh City and the flag of Vietnam will be flown proudly across the country.

Discover Nha Trang wishes you all a great weekend!

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