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Discover Nha Trang Issue 6 – The Holiday Edition

Another year is upon us, and the team at Discover Nha Trang would like to extend its best wishes to you for the coming year: “Chuc Mung Nam Moi”. We have just finished celebrating our end to 2016 but the party is only beginning in Vietnam. No holiday issue would be complete without spending some time to delve into the biggest celebration in the country – Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday).  It is the time when the locals cast off the shackles of working life for a week-long holiday, and return to the family home to spend time with loved ones and friends. The vibrancy and color of Vietnamese culture is on full display, and it is a great time to be in the city.

Tet Festival - Discover Nha Trang Magazine

The more I travel around the region, the more I realize that being outside is such a blessing, and it is often easy to take what we have for granted without stopping to truly appreciate the simple beauty that surrounds us. When the team got together to talk about the coming year, one theme stood out from all the others. This year, we will focus our content on Nha Trang’s rise as a luxury holiday destination, a coming out party so to speak, as it begins to match other locations around Vietnam in terms of facilities and infrastructure.

Luckily, for visitors arriving in these next three months, idyllic clear skies will have returned, in stark contrast to the rains that recently washed out the city. Normally suffering only a very short and mild wet period, the latter months of the 2016 brought heavy rains and storms, and huge flooding that caused no end of destruction to the city. Mother Nature cast her maternal instincts aside and let loose a fury that Thor and Poseidon themselves would be proud of –  not just in our part of the world, but all across Vietnam! We watched as tourists here for short breaks were forced to sip their coffees in torrential downpours, looking upon streets that were better navigated by canoe than a motorbike.

Thankfully, this edition is a celebration of the returning sunshine, the amazing places to see, the exciting things to do and the colorful potpourri of people to meet. Therefore, it is with great pleasure, that we present to you our pick of some of Nha Trang’s finest holiday and travel options. From the rugged islands offshore to the golden, sandy beaches; from the mountainous hinterland to the bustle of downtown, Nha Trang is a place where you can enjoy a jam-packed adventure, or do absolutely nothing; a city where you can find action and relaxation in equal measure.

While cities worldwide are made up of many generic elements, it has always been our opinion that it is the inhabitants that really create the soul of a place. As a result, we meet some of Nha Trang’s inspiring women, who, while being successful businesswomen in their own rights, are doing selfless work in the local community. We have also handpicked some of the best places in which to stay, dine and celebrate on your vacation, to give you the full scope of the choices available when visiting Nha Trang.

We hope you take the opportunity to spend some time here and experience all Nha Trang has to offer.

Safe Travels and Happy New Year from Discover Nha Trang!

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