A very simple but delicious specialty of Nha Trang is Bánh Ướt (Steamed Rice Pancake). Made from a humble combination of familiar ingredients consisting of rice, flour and tapioca starch, this local pancake, is a favorite of all generations. Costing just VND 3.000 to VND 5.000 per plate, “Bánh Ướt” is often available in the morning and evening.

Banh Uot Nha TRang

Banh Uot vietnam

Made from a mixture of starch and water, cooked quickly in a hand-made autoclave, “Bánh Ướt” literally means “Wet Cake”, because of its wet appearance when being served. Normally, after being taken out of the autoclave, “Bánh Ướt” will be put on small plate, and served with green onion oil (Mỡ Hành), steamed green beans (Đậu Xanh Hap) which provides a lovely combination of flavor and texture, and is a real, traditional countryside recipe.

Other variations of Bánh Ướt Diên Khánh find it being eaten with many different types of  handmade sauces, such as  lightly spicy pineapple & tomato sauce, fermented fish sauce (Mắm Nêm), sun-cured fish sauce (Mém Ruột) or clear fish broth. The city version can be served with many kinds of additions like minced green mango (Xoài Bam), sliced pork (Chả Lụa)  or salty shredded meat (Chà Bông).


Why not try it for yourself?

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