A unique sailing adventure on Nha Trang Bay

Ruurd Van Putten is the sort of guy who is both an ideas man and one who gets things done. The owner of Sailing Center Vietnam (SCV) came to here from Holland over a decade ago looking for potential and opportunities, and found both in Nha Trang.

With a lifetime of sailing experience across the globe, he knew a great sailing destination when he saw one, so he left Europe and set up business purely on potential. Starting small, he has singlehandedly developed sailing tourism in the region and sees much more potential to be fulfilled. Today, he has at his disposal, Australian made ‘Seawing’ catamarans with room for up to 20 people, and ‘Corsair’ trimarans for smaller groups of up to 6. Both come with their own professional sailing crew ready to take you out on the rolling waves.

Are you an experienced sailor or a complete novice? It doesn’t matter, as the thrill of wind, sail and ocean spray is available to everyone! The larger ‘cats’, with their deck space, stability and 4-man crew offer the best in luxury yachting, yet are small enough to get a real feel for ‘hands-on’ sailing. A day on a ‘cat’ is fully catered with several stops for sightseeing, snorkeling and fishing in between flying on the breeze across Nha Trang Bay. Big tour operators, Pegas, Annex and Coral Travel have been chartering these boats for several years, giving thousands the opportunity to experience yachting for the first time.

Trimaran-Nha Trang Bay- Sailing Center Vn

If you opt for the trimaran, then flexibility is the name of the game. You can decide your own itinerary, and old hands can take the helm from the crew and get the vessel up and pumping! These are fast, easy to use, and when the breeze is up, it is thrilling to push the boat harder, get the sails full of wind and feel the spray in your face. This is one of the great joys of yachting and why it is a sport for everyone.

Once you have had your fill of adrenaline, the shallow draft and liftable keels of the ‘tris’ allow access to shallow tiny bays and beaches, the perfect spot for lunch or some sun baking. Another option is an evening cruise from 5.30 – 8.30pm. It includes food and beverages, live music and the spectacular sight of Nha Trang at night. The wind drops late in the afternoon, so this is a leisurely sail befitting a romantic occasion.

Feel the Spray- Sailing on Nha Trang Bay-Sailing Center Vietnam

Mr. Van Putten still sees great potential for sailing in the region. A new marina, scheduled for completion in 2017 will attract the long distance international sailing fraternity, thus putting Nha Trang right on the map with ‘yacthties’ world-wide. This augers well for both the industry and the city. SCV can also look after customs and immigration formalities for visiting yachts and arrange deliveries for owners.

So, If a luxury relaxed, or thrill-packed day on the bay is on your agenda get in contact with Sailing Center Vietnam. It will be a highlight of your stay in Nha Trang!

Sailing Tour on Nha Trang Bay


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