Vietnam - Mosaic of Contrasts

Vietnam – Mosaic of Contrasts, by Rehahn

Last night (04th March 2016), the second Culin’ Art exhibition of reputed photographer  Rehahn, and inspired Executive Chef, Dennis Barton, was officially opened at Intercontinental Nha Trang.

Titled “Mosaic of Contrasts”, the 1st day of the exhibit attracted so huge attention with the participations of more than 100 well-known artists, government representatives, media channels, businesses and many Nha Trang art lovers.

Taking place in a cozy and original art space, the exhibition provided visitors a good chance to learn about the unconventional ideas of Sir Pascal Caubo (General Manager of Intercontinental Nha Trang) when deciding to host this creative event.

“Vietnam is very beautiful, and each region has its own specialties that carry the full inspirations behind its religious culture & art. Why not collect and put them in one place where both Vietnamese people and international visitors can see how spectacular this country is. In our hotel, we welcome international tourists from all over the globe ,so I believe that this is a perfect place to make this idea come true.” explained Pascal.

During the opening ceremony, the star of the show, Rehahn, was very enthusiastic in sharing his wonderful artistic journey through Vietnam. His aim was not only to capture beautiful and evocative images, but also to share the stories behind his photos so that viewers could gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Mosaic of Contrasts.  

“If everyone just walks around and only views this collection with their eyes, then what they  will receive are simple photographs. However, if they are curious enough to stand still and ask me questions, then the stories behind these photos will be my secret gifts to them”, he mused.  

In addition to the  24 works of art on display, the highlight of this exhibition was the appearance of Sir Nicolas Legroux – International Business Developer of the iconic Vietnamese liquor producer (Son Tinh) who showcased  a variety of special Son Tinh products.

“It is a great honor for me to be here today. I am always willing to share with everyone how distinct our Son Tinh liquor is, but I will let those present judge for themselves by sampling some of our tasting menu.”

Closing the exhibit was an adventure into the culinary creations of Executive Chef , Dennis Barton. Hosted in InterContinental Nha Trang’s signature restaurant, Cookbook Café. Dennis served up a treat of dishes that fused classic international cuisine with the authentic spices and ingredients of Vietnam.

Some pictures at the opening ceremony:


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