Back by popular demand, LivinCollective continued their impressive work in bringing small business owners and new entrepreneurs together at The CollectiveMarket, last Saturday. Taking place in its fantastic artistic cafe and handmade furniture store on Bach Dang Street, from 5pm-10pm, the CollectiveMarket is a superb event that brings both foreign and Vietnamese people together in a mishmash of creativity for aspiring business people.

In addition to some of the regular participants such as Celliers D’Asie Wine, Kiwami Sushi Restaurant and Nha Trang Homemade Cheese, CollectiveMarket welcomed some new kids on the block; all eager to present their wares to the fairly large crowd present. LIVINCollective was also showcasing its new BBQ recipe (coffee flavor), and locally brewed Pasteur beer and ciders. In addition, we met some other interesting artisans and creators.

The new arrivals included a professional Russian make-up artist (Baina Uchaeva), a young leather goods creator (Hoang Minh Tri of M.Y Style Homemade Leather), Anna’s Crepes & Icepan Ice Cream (Tran Hai Anh), and finally, an enthusiastic Estonian couple who are bringing their traditional recipe of Estonian Pickles.

Here are Discover Nha Trang’s favorites from the CollectiveMarket

Icepan and Anna’s Crepes:

  • Tran Hai Anh (the owner of Icepan) used to work as a photographer with the focus on of food photgraphy. Originally, she just want to create the same dishes that were captured in her photos, but her love for food kept growing, after spending time helping her brother set up Anna’s Crepes, she decided to create ‘Icepan’- a new start-up that makes more than twenty flavors of homemade ice cream. Most of the ingredients are grown in her own garden such as citronella, mint and hibiscus, and she uses all natural ingredients with no preservatives to create a delicious selection of ice cream, perfect for the summer heat.

Troim’s Pickles:

  • Having lived in Vietnam for 3 years, Leenu and her lifelong friend, Troim, decided to bring their tasty Estonian pickles to Nha Trang using local ingredients. It began as a hobby, but due to great feedback from all who’ve tried the pickles, they have branched out and are now producing them for sale. The pickles are made using only salt, sugar and vinegar, and use no additives at all, sticking to the original Estonian recipe. On offer at CollectiveMarket, were numerous kinds of their pickles including cucumber, zucchini, mushrooms and red chillies (a real favorite with the locals).
  • If you would like to order some of their yummy pickles, just call them 3 days in advance – (0167 412 3926 –

Nha Trang Handmade Cheese:

When we asked the owner if we could purchase some of his cheese, his response was, “Sure, but please try all of them first before you make your decision”. Needless to say, we sampled them all before picking up a lovely selection of ‘fromage’ to take home from the market. Good cheese is hard to come by in the city, but Nha Trang Handmade Cheese is aiming to break this trend by offering a great selection of various homemade cheeses that are just mouthwatering!

Decoupage – Event Decoration

Kristina Borisova turned many heads at the CollectiveMarket with her unique range of retro “chopping boards”. She takes regular wooden chopping boards and applies a thin paper covered with a waterproof membrane. The result is an awesome board with unique hand-painted fairytale illustrations. Kristina was also showcasing her wedding decor planning and floristic decorations that stem from her background as a florist in Moscow. For information on her event planning, or to buy her amazing chopping boards, contact her on 0162 814 8491 or email:

The next CollectiveMarket will come soon in the next few months. Be sure to drop in to LivinCollective at 77 Bach Dang Street. 

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