Story Beach – A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole

A relative newcomer to beachside entertainment in the city, Story Beach Club (Central Park) is the largest beach complex on Tran Phu and has been continually expanding its offerings to become an all-encompassing destination suitable for all the family.

Swimming Pool Story Beach Nha Trang

Just a quick stroll from the tourist area, the first sight that greets you at the entrance is the lavishly laid out lagoon pools. The largest in the city, there are 3 swimming areas of various depths including a vast children’s paddling pool, a large adult pool complete with a diving board and finally, the ‘’swim up” beach bar that allows you order from the comfort of water and enjoy cocktails in the pool. As such, it’s the perfect spot for a family or group day out with a swathe of tanning loungers and shaded beds to curl up on and while the day away.

Story Beach Nha Trang

With a huge restaurant on site, Story Beach serves up a treat throughout the day. A team of international chefs bring their own unique influences and cater to different culinary bases with ease. The menu consists of lots of local seafood, eastern European and Mediterranean fare, along with plenty of old favorites for afternoon lunch and poolside appetizers. For evening dinner, the incredibly spacious layout makes for intimate and relaxed dining right by the sand and the food is fresh, authentic and very affordable.

Food Story Beach Restaurant Nha Trang

In an effort to improve the standard of late night entertainment, Story Beach Club has pushed the envelope with its underground music club, The Rabbit Hole. Inspired by Lewis Carrol’s, Alice in Wonderland, the entrance leads visitors through a dreamlike underground garden tunnel signaling the trip down Alice’s rabbit hole, and prepares them for the wonder that awaits inside.

The decor follows the surrealism of Alice’s adventures with a minimalist structure of bricked walls and copper pipes that are augmented by a punk vibe of fluorescent colors, transparent floors and unusual lighting designs. The furniture was all custom designed by local craftsmen, and great care has been put into creating a unique atmosphere full of interesting surprises.

Rabbit Hole Nha Trang

“The mood of Alice in Wonderland in many ways reflects club culture, notes Art Director, Pavel Smirnoff. “When people come to a club they are looking for a different world, so it should be a little bit crazy and surprising with a positive atmosphere. This is a place where you can leave your regular life at the door, and enjoy the atmosphere through great music and fantasy”, he added.

The Rabbit Hole

Pavel has twenty years experience in the club industry, and brings his influences from club global club culture to Nha Trang, and has installed the country’s most advanced sound system. In Vietnam, many places seem to follow the same formula of generic EDM music that isn’t really suited to what the international guest expects. Amazing sound quality is paramount in any club as it helps both the guest fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere and the artist to show off their skills.

Rabbit Hole Nightclub Nha Trang

“We’ve developed a club along the lines of the Ibiza or Miami vibe, We will be playing a diverse range of styles including techno, house, drum n’ base and trance. We want to put Nha Trang on the map as a party playground and will be inviting our contacts of celebrity DJ’s from the US and Europe. Furthermore, we are the only club in the city that uses real vinyl decks as a further nod to the authenticity we are trying to create”, Pavel enthused.



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