Photography Exhibition Launched at Champa Island

On Thursday, December 1st 2016, the opening ceremony for the exhibition entitled, “Northwest, Two Seasons Of Love” by photographer Pham Trac Vu took place at Champa Island Nha Trang (303, 2/4 street). The event was very well attended by many  representatives of different photography clubs, The Khanh Hoa Department of Culture and Sport, Khanh Hoa Tourism Promotion Information Center, and individual photography enthusiasts.

With 80 photos capturing beautiful images of the Northwest of Vietnam, photographer Pham Trac Vu would like to share with everyone, especially tourists who have never been to Northwestern region, the stark and vivid beauty of this remote area through his camera lens. Moreover, the exhibition also marks exactly one year since he started a new chapter of his life living in Nha Trang.

During the event, Discover Nha Trang got the chance to meet him and get his thoughts on the exhibition. 

  • DNT: The Northwest of Vietnam is very famous for its beautiful landscape and an abundance of traditional culture and customs. What inspired you to photograph here?
  • Vu: Off course, the Northwest is very beautiful, and it provides lots of inspiration to any photographer. However, to capture its most beautiful moments, we need more than just a good camera, a huge amount of patience and a deep understanding of this place is also important. It took me more than five years, to capture my favorite photos of this place. I traveled extensively to seek out the best places and learn where the best sunrises and sunsets took place at different villages.
  • DNT: How challenging was the trip?
  • Vu: It was such a huge challenge, but whenever I look at my photos, I realize that it was all worth it. I still remember a terribly rainy day when my team went to Bac Yen District for a photo shoot. We had to spend the night in the forest because the road was so bad for us to come back to the village. It was one of my most difficult endeavours for sure.
  • DNT: More than 35 years working as a researcher and a teacher, why did you decide to become a photographer?
  • Vu: My interest for photography started when I was a student. When I began to work as a teacher, my main responsibility was creating equipment that could support teaching progress. So, I started using a lot of photos and videos as teaching aids. It was then my love for cameras began and it has grown day by day.
  • DNT: How have you enjoyed living in Nha Trang this past year? Do you have any plans for your more exhibitions?
  • Vu: I love this city, it is more beautiful than I can describe in words . Having just moved here one year ago, but I hope that I will soon be able to create an exhibition on Nha Trang,  as I have so many ideas for the photography of this wonderful coastal city.  

The photography exhibition will run a Champa Island until Monday, December 05th and is free to attend. Why not go and see it for yourself?

– Location: Champa Island – 304 (2/4 Street), Nha Trang 
– Photographer: Phạm Trắc Vũ (FB: Pham Trac Vu)
– Topic: Northwest, Two Seasons Of Love
– Duration: 01 – 05 December 2016
– Free Entry

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