Starting the day as we mean to go on, Discover Nha Trang is on a ‘foodie’ mission!

Leaving no stone unturned, we’re going all out to find the most filling, delicious and scrumptious breakfast that the city has to offer. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be visiting numerous establishments, big and small, in an effort to discover who can deliver the perfect start to our morning.

DAY 1 – The Rooftop Lounge @ Havan Hotel

First up on the breakfast agenda is the Rooftop Lounge at Havan Hotel. It had caught our attention from a photo posted on facebook, so we just had to come and try it for ourselves.

The owner, Nic Albherne, was busy in the kitchen when we arrived, performing a one-man show as he flipped between frying eggs and bacon, dusting crepes with sugar and chocolate sauce, while furiously stirring a pot of Bechamel sauce for the eggs Benedict. We ordered the big American Breakfast and Eggs Benedict as we were ravenous, and not here for a simple bite to eat.

Nic- Rooftop Lounge nHa Trang-Breakfast

Crepes-Rooftop Lounge-Nha Trang

The American Breakfast consists of 2 strips of bacon, 2 fried eggs, sauteed potatoes, 4 slices of brown toast, and a small orchard of fresh fruit – all served on a big wooden board. The eggs were sunny side up and had a perfect gooey consistency when sliced into. The potatoes were for me, the star of the show. Soft and tender, and sauteed in their skins, they were cooked just right. Normally, I’d be asking for tons of ketchup to smear across the plate, but on the side was an interesting little pot of apricot sauce – certainly unique, but very delicious.

American Breakfast-Rooftop Lounge-Nha Trang
Of course, an American Breakfast must have some decent bacon, and we were not disappointed with these fairly large and juicy bacon strips. The fruit on the side was a nice finish to the breakfast, consisting of a half of one large, ripe mango with some apple slices, dragonfruit, watermelon and pineapple. Served with a choice of coffees and a free re-fill, this really is the breakfast of champions, covering all the food groups and giving a good balance between a good old fashioned “fry-up” and fresh fruits for the health conscious.
My partner in breakfast ordered the Eggs Benedict, which can be a tough dish to cook perfectly. You need well-cooked eggs and the right amount and consistency with the sauce. Too much and it overwhelms the dish, and too little leaves you wanting more. Needless to say, the eggs were poached perfectly, with yellow, runny goodness oozing down the crusty, round-toast slices. Slathered in Nic’s “1-minute” Bechamel sauce, I became jealous of my colleague, as my eggs seemed very dull in comparison.

Eggs Benedict-Rooftop Liounge-Nha Trang
In terms of atmostphere, the Rooftop is a nice little hideaway during morning time. On the terrace, there is a nice breeze blowing in to keep you cool – ideal at this time of year when the temeratures are up and humidity is high. There are comfortable chairs and couches to sink into and the atmosphere is very relaxed – good for those who need some time to fully wake up!

We were too full to try the crepes, but I must say, they did look fantastic. Crepes-Breakfast-Rooftop Lounge-Nha TrangNext time we drop in we’ll be sure to try them. All in all, the Rooftop Lunge has set the bar very high for the Discover Nha Trang prize on “The Best Breakfast in Nha Trang”. At 150,000 vnd for the Eggs Benedict or American Breakfast, it’s by no means the cheapest in town, but when considering the quantity and quality of this meal, along with coffee and a free re-fill – it represents very fair value for money.

Rooftop Lounge @Havan Hotel (5th Floor)

3/2 Tran Quang Khai


F: Havan Hotel & Rooftop Lounge



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